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About RD Plastics Company Inc

RD Plastics Company, Inc. was started in 1975 as a women’s business enterprise for the purpose of supplying distributors with their plastic packaging needs. Their inventory consists of a variety of over 300 million bags all by utilizing their warehousing and manufacturing facility in Nashville, their factory in China and other overseas sourcing partnerships. This flexibility enables RD Plastics to respond to their customers’ needs with immediate shipment to your warehouse or directly to your customer.

They manufacture and import a wide range of high quality competitively priced plastic packaging products such as biohazard/specimen bags, personal belonging bags, clear zip lock bags, chemo bags, amber IV bags, and temper evident tape seal bags. RD plastics also carries a line of specialty bags such as PRN, STAT, refrigerate and medication transfer bags and happy to work with you on the customization of bags specific to your needs. To view their entire line, please visit their website at www.rdplastics.com.

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